Following the spill at Terminal M, Ltd. 28 kg of oil product have been recovered

october 30, 2015
Following the spill of crude oil and water mixture at Terminal M, Ltd. on October 20, 2015, the total amount of oil product recovered in the port area is 28 kg. The management of Terminal M, Ltd. extends its gratitude to its own employees, the Freeport of Ventspils and responsible public bodies for their rapid response and professional assistance in the emergency situation.

“We were very cautious in our initial forecasts estimating that the amount of spilled crude oil – water mixture was five hundred litres. However, now, as recovery measures were completed, the officially confirmed amount of the oil product recovered from the water surface is 28 kg. However, even 28 kg are 28 kg too much,” notes Terminal M, Ltd. General Director.

The Terminal M, Ltd. General Manager, extends his gratitude to the Freeport of Novorossiysk and responsible services for their rapid assistance and efficient cooperation as a result of which potential adverse effects of the spill on the environment were reduced notably trough joint effort.

As previously reported, on Tuesday, October 20, at 14:00, in Terminal M, Ltd., a leak of water contaminated with oil products occurred from an idle pipeline. As a result of the accident, oil products reached port waters. The spill from the pipeline was immediately stopped and the polluted water area was enclosed and cleaned.

Terminal M, Ltd. receives State Labour Inspectorate’s award the “Golden Helmet”

october 23, 2015
On Friday, October 23, Terminal M, Ltd. received the State Labour Inspectorate’s award the “Golden Helmet” for the company’s good practice in lowering such risks as falling, tripping over or tumbling at the workplace.

“Safety of people working at the terminal is the most important thing, hence the company focuses its work on shaping and developing its organisational culture as safety is one of the its core values. We regularly educate our employees, organise trainings, together discuss and assess work related risks as well as set up our work environment in a way that makes our employees and cooperation partners feel safe”, emphasizes the Terminal M, Ltd. Managing Director.

The good practice award competition in labour safety “Golden Hammer” is taking place already for the tenth year. Within this competition it is determined, which are the companies that take care of improving work environment and ensuring safe working conditions for employees.

Terminal M, Ltd. in the first nine months has transhipped 7.4 million tons

october 16, 2015
In the first nine months of this year, the Terminal M, Ltd. transported 3.8 million tons, or 18% less than in the same period last year when the total petroleum product transportation volumes of Terminal M, Ltd. were 4.7 million tons. In turn Terminal M, Ltd. transhipped 7.4 million tons in this period of time, which is 12.2% less than in the same period last year.

The Terminal M, Ltd. management explains that the changes in volumes are due to the fact that the petroleum product volumes transported via the Terminal M, Ltd. pipeline from Russia continued decreasing in this year’s third quarter. The decrease of Terminal M, Ltd.’s transported petroleum products accordingly affected the operating results of Terminal M, Ltd. as well.

In the third quarter of this year, Terminal M, Ltd. transported 864 thousand tons of petroleum products; in turn Terminal M, Ltd. transhipped 1.5 million tons.

“The geopolitical situation is very complicated at the moment. Work in two directions is necessary to be able to maintain flow of petroleum products through russia. Firstly, companies in the transit sector as such need to be as effective and competitive as possible. And the second direction is a focused government support policy, creating favourable business conditions for the transit sector”, says Head of the Terminal M, Ltd. Group companies.

Terminal M, Ltd. in the first half of the year has transhipped 5.9 million tons

july 10, 2015
In the first six months of the year the amount of oil products transhipped and transported by Terminal M, Ltd. subsidiary companies has decreased slightly. In the first half of the year Terminal M, Ltd. transported 2.98 million tons or 10.5 % less than last year, when the transported amount reached 3.33 million tons. Terminal M, Ltd. in the same period of time transhipped 5.9 million tons, which is an 8 % decrease.

Management of Terminal M, Ltd. explain the changes in the amounts with the fact that in the second quarter this year a decrease was observed in the oil products transported via the Terminal M, Ltd. pipeline from Russia. This was partly offset by the products transported from Belarus. The decrease in the oil products transported by Terminal M, Ltd. affected performance results of Terminal M, Ltd..

In the second quarter this year Terminal M, Ltd. transported 1.2 million tons of oil products, meanwhile Terminal M, Ltd. transhipped 2.5 million tons.

In view of the geopolitical situation and uncertainties in the region, management of companies of the Terminal M, Ltd. Group are still cautious about the amounts of oil and oil products to be transhipped and transported this year.

“We continue to look for ways to cut costs and work more effectively. This allows us to provide quality services to our clients at a competitive price thus ensuring a stable flow of oil products to companies of the Group,” emphasizes Chairman of the Management Board of Terminal M, Ltd..

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